Score 4 Reading is a research-based and evidence-validated program for 3rd grade through adult readers delivered via our new WiFi plug-in device

Listen to this Score 4 Reading Student

"My dog’s name is Spot. He is a small, sweet, friendly dog. I love to sleep with Spot, but it turns out that Spot doesn’t like to sleep with me. My brother thinks it’s real funny that at bedtime Spot runs as far from me as possible. When I try to take Spot in my room with me, he whines and cries like a baby. If I take him in my bed, he actually jumps off and scratches at the door. That dog is willing to run outside and be caught in a rainstorm rather than be caught by me. Are you wondering what the problem is? I move too much, and Spot always wakes up. If only I didn’t move so much, I could have a furry friend keep me warm at night."

"Even when it was a little annoying when we had to get up from bed and go to Score 4 Reading at 9am, I knew it was a good thing to do because Score 4 really helped me.  And I hope I can inspire people that aren't the greatest readers out there to try to hook up with Score 4."

-- Aidan (9), Eugene, OR


Score 4 Reading enables readers to:   

  • Understand what they read
  • Feel comfortable when they read
  • Sound natural when they read aloud 

Score 4 Reading is a research-based and evidence-validated program for 3rd grade through adult readers delivered via our new WiFi plug-in device

 This Integrated Reading Method, with a constructivist approach, also has an integrated assessment tool, all of which help to develop successful readers.  Score 4 compels struggling readers to implicitly rethink their neural pathways, and while they are becoming successful readers, they are also developing better self-esteem.  Our plug-in device contains all of the materials necessary to enable a guide to instruct up to 4 students at a time.

  • The pilot of Score 4 fluency reading program at MES (Meadowbrook Elementary School) was beneficial in several ways. All teachers involved with the program were pleased with it. It was a success with regular education students that just needed to increase their fluency. Title 1 used it and regular education teachers used and continue to use it in groups in their classroom. The materials were very easy to use and understand for the teachers and students. We also concluded that the program is not solely designed for EC students; it also greatly benefits Title 1 students and at risk regular educations students. For EC students some benefits noted were increased comprehension and retell, self-awareness as students read and fluency. In conclusion, the cost of the program is well worth it if it is used throughout the school with many students, not just EC students in limited numbers.
    — Carolyn Cole, Exceptional Children Instructional Coach, Haywood County Schools - North Carolina
  • One of my students who began the semester with a great deal of difficulty, significantly below grade level in both fluency and comprehension, came to my class last week and proudly announced that he volunteered to read aloud in another class, something he never would have done before this program. He really liked this curriculum. Most of my students did.
    — Jamie Wilson, English Teacher, Herrin High School - Herrin, IL
  • Students who used to dread coming to Title 1 not only have stopped complaining, but also tell their parents how much fun they are having since we started using the Score 4 Reading program! The Title 1 assistants, who have suffered through using many different curricula over the years, love working with Score 4 Reading because it is easy to track, easy to instruct, and easy to see the positive results!
    — Deborah Stahnecker, Title 1 Teacher, Washington Grade School - Veronia, Oregon
  • I am so relieved that Aidan has regained his confidence. His struggle to keep up with the rest of his classmates in reading was causing him to act out at school and basically become the class clown. At one point he broke down and told me he hated school because he couldn't read! I realized he had lost his enthusiasm to learn, and we had helped him by not responding sooner to his struggling. Now, after one summer of Score 4, he is actually managing grade level materials. He has mentioned to me that he is reading the same books that other kids in the class are....’that he is part of a group’. He still needs help, but now he is no longer giving up. He knows he can do it, and now, isn't afraid to try. His enthusiasm is back, and so is my happy kid.
    — Susan Fox, Eugene, OR